December 2011


The production is inspired by the timeless work of a famous French impressionist writer Marcel Proust and his novel In Search Of Lost Time.

Almost all dimensions and spheres of the humanities comment on the work of Marcel Proust. There is often a paradoxical situation where his crystal clear work and message become the subject of dark and complicated and metaphorical interpretations which get Proust’s work back from where he tried to pull it away. The authors of Rose decided to turn to its formal message which is like a surgical scalpel of subjective optic of a person living at any time, in solitude, in any condition.

The piece is created by Stanislava Vlčková and Jozef Vlk who are known thanks to their Debris Company productions. Tom Ciller is the author of the set; costumes were designed by Katarína Holková. Music was composed by Jozef Vlk.

Rose is a part of a three-pice show 3Balet which has been created also by Šárka Ondrišová and Mário Radačovský.
Frost (Šárka Ondrišová) 
Monos (Mário Radačovský) 

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Stanislava Vlčeková

Choreographer´s assistant

Daniel Raček

Direction and concept

Jozef Vlk

Set Design

Tom Ciller

Set realisation

Martin Bizík 


Katarína Holková


Jozef Vlk

Daniel Corbeil, Arthur Abram, Natasa Dudar, Katarína Košíková, Natália Némethová, Tamás Csizmadia, Luca Scarpa, Andrej Szabo / Klaudia Bitterová, Veronika Hollá, Katarína Kaanová, Dominik Vačok

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