Our philosophy

Progress, not only in art, is based on natural competition and confrontation of different attitudes and opinions of a broad range of creators. The more space for expressing different artistic visions the environment provides, the bigger the artists’ motivation to create. The result is a better quality and a more varied offering for the audience. Balet Bratislava´s ambition is to uphold the principle of plurality of artistic visions and competition on the professional dance scene in Slovakia.

The Slovaks seem to be afraid of ballet at first, but once they get to know it, they realise that this amazing art enriches them. Dance has an enormous potential. Dance enables us to show who we are – a 21st century society, a society with rich traditions, but also with a sensitivity and ability to offer an outlook on our world through the medium of dance.


We would like to share the positive energy that will eventually change and dispel all that is negative in the art of dance. Before I arrived at the Slovak National Theatre, Jiří Kylián told me: “It has to be fun, it has to be enjoyable, otherwise you should leave it.”

I wish that you and us have a lot of FUN! Don’t be afraid of ballet!

 Mário Radačovský

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