About us

Balet Bratislava is an independent professional repertory dance company with a focus on neoclassical dance. The mission of the company is to bring professional, artistic, first-class dance productions to Slovak audiences and to promote dance through educational activities.

The ambition of Balet Bratislava is to fill the void between traditional and technically demanding productions of large companies and the low-budget projects mounted by small, independent groups in the area of modern and contemporary dance. Our aim is to gain recognition both in Slovakia and abroad through a high artistic and technical level of dancing as well as a distinguished repertoire; and to present our work in theatres and major art festivals.

The programming of the company focuses mainly on works representing the mainstream of current European dance as well as on works by renowned choreographers from Slovakia and abroad. The company´s goal is to search for and stage attractive and top quality choreographies and to create a platform for new and original dance projects.

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